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Cleaning Companies Must Innovate To Survive

INNOVATE YOUR CLEANING BUSINESS TO SURVIVE Many businesses in the cleaning industry are improving their environmental credentials. This is a response by industry to the demands of our community and to government regulations. The community and government have responded to changes observed in our environment and the role that we as industry or consumers might […]


Software for Better Workforce Management

Digital Record Keeping essential to scale your team Half a decade ago workforce information and details like client profiles, work schedule, job descriptions and other important data for business use were archived through hard copies and a lot of paperwork. This process meant that tracking, searching and storing every detail of your workforce took time […]

Cleaning Scheduling Software – New Business Essential

Scheduling employees and their assigned tasks within a definite time frame can be difficult. This is most true in businesses today that need competent scheduling software for Australia.  The need gets more vital as the number of employee grows. And it is getting harder and more complex to put the right people at the right location and at the right time quickly […]


Importance of Rostering Software

freshOps delivers the best in Operations Management software, especially for mobile workforces. We can help you work with any existing Rostering Software, but many of you might not know that we are the Rostering Software for many of our clients. We help you work who to put on when based on their skills, availability and […]


3 Things Successful Cleaning Businesses Do Well With Mobile Technology

Service based businesses like cleaning companies have always struggled with their field management. When I speak to most cleaning companies, there biggest pain point is employees. Up to recently, managing teams in the field was spreadsheets, tick lists, forms and communication books etc. While these have served many businesses well, your competitors are embracing mobile technology […]


Clean NZ

Clean NZ, Auckland We’ve recently returned from New Zealand’s Premier Cleaning Exhibition Clean NZ which we thought was an excellent event. It was really great to see New Zealand’s Commercial Contract Cleaning Industry in all it’s glory too. On the Thursday night we also attended the BSCNZ’s CleanSweep Awards Night. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so […]