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Is it time to ditch the vacuum cord yet?

Tradies have it easy when it comes to choice of battery-operated equipment. In fact in some cases it’s made worksites safer, not to be restricted by a length of electrical cord. Cleaning crews face this dilemma daily during their shifts, trying to pull vac cords around chair legs and furniture. I can’t tell you how […]


How to add a New Visit Schedule

Learn all about how to get started with freshOps by entering your first new visit schedule.     hen entering a New Visit Schedule in freshOps, we can actually enter in multiple visit schedules at once. You should have already created a New Client and Site and now we move onto create the Visit Schedule for […]


How to add a New Site

Learn all about how to get started with freshOps by entering your first new site.     hen entering a New Site in freshOps, we tend to think of the Site as the actual physical location in which you deliver the services.  So this tends to be where we capture most of the Information to […]


How to add a New Client

Learn all about how to get started with freshOps by entering your first new client.     hen entering a New Client in freshOps, we tend to think of the Client as the Company or Client who pays the bill. Let’s use the example of a Body Corporate. Often the Services required on a site […]


Time and Attendance Notifications

Get Notified and Stay up to Date You can now setup Time and Attendance Notifications that will alert you of certain operational activities in your Cleaning Business. Rather than getting that call from the client asking why a clean wasn’t delivered or a task wasn’t done, you can be ahead fo the game. You can […]

Smartphone Ownership Growth Will Kill The freshops Employee Portal?

We’ve noticed less and less users being worried about their staff having smartphones over recent years. Yump, a digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney has summed up the increase in smartphone adoption very well. Since 2013, ownership has increased from 11.1million to 15.3million. Recent reports show that Smartphone usage overtook desktop usage in 2014 and continues to […]

ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo Melbourne 2017

ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo Australia 2017 will take place 9 and 10 May 2017, in Melbourne, Victoria as the only dedicated event for the cleaning and hygiene industry in Australia. The freshOps Team will be joining more than 100 of Australia’s top tier manufacturers and suppliers showcasing the latest in cleaning technology and creative […]