Team Improvement
Begins with You

Native iOS and Android Applications, the freshOps Team app delivers all the critical information each individual cleaners needs in a simple application that follows their normal workflow.

The freshOps Team App allows your team to View their Roster, Check-In & Out of Site automatically record their Timesheets for you all live, so you know exactly what is going on at all times.  Simple Apps that have been built to be simple, even for those team members that may not be as tech-savvy as their Millennial colleagues.


Simple & Intuitive Mobile Apps for your Team

Transform your workforce with a single app. The freshOps Team App delivers everything that your team needs to perform at their best, straight to the palm of their hand.

View Upcoming Shifts/Jobs

Keep the team on Track. Easily keep your team up to date with what’s upcoming, with all their upcoming shifts easily surfaced on the homepage.

They’ll never forget where they need to be next.

View the Upcoming Tasks

Help your team get organised. Your Team can view the regular and periodical Tasks required of them on their upcoming shifts for their own piece of mind or incase they need specialist equipment, chemicals, or materials.

All Site Details Included

Start & Finish Times, Address Details and Google Powered Directions mean your team can concentrate on their service delivery and what’s important without having to chase up the most basic of details with you.

Calendar & Timesheet Views

Calendar Views allow your team to view their schedules for weeks or months in advance. Timesheets Views give you team access to not only this weeks Timesheets but Time & Attendance records from as far back as they need.