One Calendar.
Multiple Views.
Real-Time Changes.

Scheduling your Cleaning Services and Rostering your Teams has Never Been Easier.

If you deliver services to sites, freshOps allows you to ditch the diary or spreadsheet and gives you dynamic scheduling that helps you manage all your services delivery and provides you with confidence that your team are all on the same page and up to date.

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Manage Recurring Jobs for Excellent Service Delivery

Schedule your Cleaning Contracts or Re-occuring Cleans once and let freshOps build the schedule for the life of the contract or years into the future. We keep track of each task, when it falls due and the best Site Visit to perform the work when your team will be on site.

We add it to the list of duties for that Team, on that Visit. You simply keep an eye on the confirmation it is done when they verify it in their app. Too easy!

Our powerful scheduling software and Dynamic Calendar, ensure 100’s of sites, cleaners and jobs can be easily managed in the one place.

Dump the spreadsheets and manage your service delivery with the Cleaning Industry’s most powerful scheduling tool.

“freshOps has helped automate what is usually a difficult and time consuming task of scheduling work flow whilst also collecting employee time and attendance reliably and accurately. “


Schedule all your One Off Jobs Instantly

For most businesses, keeping track of all the one off jobs can be the biggest hassle. Schedule Jobs in the future and allocate them to your team now or later.

One Off Jobs appear on your teams Cleaning Rosters along with the re-occuring shifts.

Drag and drop entries to quickly reschedule shifts, dates and times.

Take the pressure out of sudden changes- add new tasks with an existing task template, complete with any standard operating procedures for clarity.

Deliver Site Safety & Security Information to your team in the field and arm them with all the details they need.

Make sure they are where they say they are with Verified GPS Check-In. You’ll know the moment they arrive, including the precise time-stamp.


Absenteeism is no longer a hassle

Managing your team can be the hardest thing to deal with for a cleaning business and absent staff only increase that pain. freshOps Sick and Leave Management simplifies the process.

Quickly swap out cleaners if one of your team are unwell and take the hassle out of staff leave.

Annual Leave is also just as easy. Quickly reallocate days or weeks of work to replacement staff in minutes.

Manage Your Team, Visits and Client Quests on One Screen

The freshOps Scheduling Calendar simplifies the management of your business, centralising your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly agenda in one place, utilising multiple views to ensure you can see the big picture at a glance while burning into the finer details with a click of the mouse.

You’ll no longer need to switch between different calendars and email addresses to make service management easy – simply select the correct view and eliminate scheduling pain by instantly accessing and comparing:

  • Roster Views

    You’ll know where and when individual team members are working next, making job allocation a breeze.

  • Contract Specifics

    Start dates, end dates, days and times, you’ll never have to dig into your desk drawer, looking for a paper contract.

  • Resource Management

    Are they any scheduling conflicts? Just how feasible is Client X’s request? Do you need more people? Access the information you need around these decisions and more.

  • Status Mode

    Check on active jobs, workers and clients, ensuring time and attendance expectations are met on every shift.


The Most Trusted Scheduling and Performance Management Software for Cleaning & Facilities Service Businesses.