Cleaning Industries most Accurate Time and Attendance Solution

Your team simply Check-In and Out of Site for easy Time & Attendance records that are then used for your team’s Timesheets. Our platform can’t be gamed, tricked or hoodwinked.

We give you the visibility of your cleaning team’s attendance at the site for that piece of mind you need, knowing your team are where they should be , when they should be.

You’ll get full access to all features. No Card Required. No Obligation. Cancel Anytime

Access essential statistics in real-time,
getting eyes on the important stuff



Task Not

Cleaning Report
and Site Requests


Cleaning Industries Fastest Growing Scheduling Platform

freshOps reveals when your team arrives on-site, how long they spend on a certain task, whether they skip over client peeves and what time they leave the job, ensuring the relationship between you, your employee and the client remains fair, plain and easy to navigate.

No more “lost” emails or stray timesheets floating around the office. Say goodbye to faxes and fudged numbers. The freshOps platform delivers data right to your personalised dashboard, available from any time, anywhere.

Mobile Apps for Cleaners


Take your Service Delivery to the Next Level

When was the last time you knew for sure your team cleaned down the benchtops or vacuumed the floors? Stop guessing. The power to scale and control your business is back where it belongs – in your hands.

Transform your cleaning business with a single app. 

Teams can Check-In to site by:

  • Simple GPS
  • Unique freshOps NFC/QR Tags
  • Verified Geo-fenced GPS


Have all your team at a site Check-in on the One Device

For sites where you have large teams and users without smartphones, the freshOps Kiosk allows your team to Check-In and Out on a dedicated Site Tablet.  Their Timesheets are then sent straight through into freshOps along with the rest of your workforce.


Leave No Cleaner Behind

The freshOps Employee Portal allows your team to view and manage their shifts from within a web app. Those that may not have smartphones can still log their Timesheets through the portal complete Task Lists and report issues.

Built for Cleaners By Cleaners

We understand what cleaning business owners need, because we were cleaning business owners too.

We understand the cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best nature of managing remote cleaning teams, as data was historically measured by how much you trusted your team and how little you believed your clients.

Stop playing the middle man – replace hope with transparency, and distrust with service certainty without scheduling another call.


The Most Trusted Scheduling and Performance Management Software for Cleaning & Facilities Service Businesses.