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freshOps streamlines day-to-day operations so you can focus on growing your Commercial Cleaning business. We have done it for hundreds of companies and can help yours too.

Transform your commercial cleaning operations with a single Commercial Service app. With freshOps you will have visibility of your team in the field, live performance updates to your pocket, recording all the activities of your cleaners without a single check-up call.

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Advanced Commercial Cleaning Business Operations Software.

Unlock the potential of your Commercial Cleaning business with our comprehensive operations software. We specialize in streamlining your day-to-day activities, allowing you to scale and grow with ease.

Are you aware of when your cleaners arrived on-site last night and how long they stayed? Do you have certainty that the bathrooms were thoroughly cleaned?

Revolutionize your commercial cleaning operations with a single app. Introducing freshOps, the ultimate solution that provides real-time visibility of your team in the field. Experience live performance updates right in your pocket, while our software records all the activities of your cleaners without the need for constant check-up calls.

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Elevate Your Service Delivery with Advanced Workforce Management

Are you tired of relying on guesswork when it comes to knowing whether your cleaners completed their tasks, such as cleaning the benchtops or vacuuming the floors? The power to scale and control your business is back where it belongs – in your hands. Experience a transformation in your Commercial Cleaning business with our all-in-one app, freshOps. Our intuitive interface provides live performance updates, capturing and recording the activities of your cleaners without the need for constant check-up calls. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your cleaning workforce and simplify your operations.

Take your cleaners’ performance to new heights with freshOps.

“freshOps has streamlined our daily operations by consolidation time and attendance scheduling for staff. This has allowed us to grow our customer base without sacrificing operational deficiencies that can arise from managing a team. “

“freshOps has helped automate what is usually a difficult and time-consuming task of scheduling workflow whilst also collecting employee time and attendance reliably and accurately.”

“I believe freshOps has provided us with an advantage in gaining contracts where clients are looking to partner with innovative and proactive cleaning companies. “

“As I am growing I am finding that freshOps is really helping in selling a professional cleaning service.”


Simplify Your Scheduling and Attendance Management

Effortlessly manage your Commercial Cleaning business with our user-friendly scheduling platform. Say goodbye to complexities and streamline your operations. With our integrated calendar, you can efficiently handle remote teams, regular visits, and client requests. Enjoy multiple scheduling views and seamless task checklist management, ensuring your team knows exactly what’s expected of them – when, where, and how.

Managing your Commercial Cleaners made easier


Experience Enhanced Attendance Tracking and Productivity Monitoring

freshOps serves as your eyes on the ground, providing accurate reporting of start times, exit times, and all the crucial details in between. Our platform automatically captures live attendance records, time stamps, and productivity gaps, enabling transparency in the services you deliver. No more chasing after timesheets – enjoy the convenience of having all the information readily available.

Eliminate the hassle of managing schedules and timesheets


Create and Manage Tasks Effectively

With freshOps, Commercial Cleaning Business owners gain complete control over their cleaners, regardless of their location. Our software equips you with the necessary tools to create, schedule, and manage tasks effortlessly. Communicate your expectations to your cleaners regarding what needs to be done, when, how often, and to what standard. Stay updated with real-time progress updates, down to the minute, and receive performance alerts. Say goodbye to missed tasks like emptying the bins – freshOps ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Bid Farewell to Paper Checklists

No more hassle with paper checklists. freshOps eliminates the need for manual paperwork and provides a digital solution to manage your tasks effectively. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a paperless workflow.


Spend more on the things that matter

Experience the power of 100% accurate timesheets generated by freshOps. Our system pulls attendance stats directly from the platform, reflecting the actual time your cleaners spend on-site. Say goodbye to relying solely on trust. Ensure your payroll processes are streamlined and error-free.

Discover the benefits of time sheet collection and automated seamless payroll.


The most trusted scheduling and performance management software for Commercial Cleaning Businesses


The best solution for all involved

Building Owner

Needs services completed to maintain the value of their assets and ensure compliance.

Your Commercial Cleaning Clients

Live or work in a well maintained, clean healthy environment. Feedback channel to the owner.

Commercial Cleaning Company

Area Managers and Supervisors perform as efficiently as possible in accordance with contractual obligations.


Your cleaners know where to be, what to do and how to do it. Improving productivity

“Making adjustments to jobs and employees on the fly is very easy for the times when you have a last minute change.”

“We chose freshOps as it not only combined a time & attendance option but also an efficient task management solution. It is very user friendly and ticked all our boxes.”

“The app has helped our cleaning business immensely and really has just streamlined everything from front to back. Love the Task Management.”

“I feel like I have a lot more control of my business when I know to the second how long my staff are on site for. freshOps is simple and cost effective solution to the most difficult part of the business to manage – staff.”

“The CheckIn/CheckOut technology has been a game changer in staff accountability, reporting and is a huge advantage when quoting new clients!”


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The most trusted scheduling and performance management software for Commercial Cleaning Businesses