With freshOps you get our Full Support

Support is a major focus at freshOps. We understand you’re running a busy cleaning business, and need answers straight away. We have 4 separate support platforms; our DIY Help Center, our 24/7 Email Support, our InApp Messaging Service and our Onboarding & Onsite Training Plans all aimed at providing you with the level of support your require when and where you need it.

24/7 Help Centre

Visit the freshOps Help Centre 24/7 and Search our Help Centre for articles outlining how to use freshOps from simply adding a Job, to editing a shift, you’ll find it all. You can access and search our Help Centre inside the freshOps Web App, so that you can work and learn at the same time.


Our Email Support is managed by staff who know freshOps inside and out, and have a great background in the cleaning industry. We understand, that sometimes the problems aren’t how does it work, but how will it work best for my business. You can catch us at any time on our Support Email Address.

In App Support

freshOps InApp Chat means that our support team are always one click away. Open Chat Conversations with our Support Team live, without having to leave the page you’re working on.    Start a chat with our support team at any time, and if you have shot off, all good we have you covered, we’ll automagically continue our conversation by email. Support that is simple, prompt and personal. Our InApp Support can reduce support times down to minutes at times, allowing you to get back to what you were working quickly.

Online Support Sessions

If you still need further help, our Support Team are only an Online Support Session away. Online Support Sessions are remote support sessions which enable our team to share their screens or views yours so they can help you as if they were sitting next to you. All accounts come with a number of Online Support Session included each month, but if you require more, these can be added to your subscription if required.