Manage your Cleaning Tasks with Ease

No More Paper Cleaning Checklists.

Schedule your Cleaning Scope of Work or Cleaning Duties with ease. Our Dynamic Cleaning Checklist Management allows you to schedule each task on the specific day it is due. Ensuring your team and business comply with the Cleaning Contract or Services required.

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Deliver your Cleaning Scope as Promised

Upload your Scope of Works and keep your team on track

Providing consistency of Cleaning Task completion is one of the most difficult things to manage across 100’s of client sites.

With freshOps, you can Schedule Specific Tasks on Specific Days, so your team always know what is required when, providing consistency and reliability to your service delivery. Systemising your Commercial Cleaning Business with freshOps takes the chaos out of your service delivery.

Join one of our Product Specialists for your personalised Demonstration and Q&A Session.

mobile apps for cleaners
mobile apps for cleaners


Cleaning Checklists in the App

Schedule your Cleaning Checklists with Ease

No more forgetting that a Cleaning Task was due. No more overlooking what is required.

Adding in all those important Cleaning Tasks is key to keeping your customer happy. With freshOps you not only schedule the important tasks from the Contract, but all the Periodical and Site Specific Tasks. So that no matter which of your cleaners you send, they’ll all know exactly what is required to be cleaned.

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Verify Task Completion Remotely

No More Hoping Your Cleaners Completed Everything

Your Cleaners can mark all their cleaning tasks complete and also leave comments so that you can be confident they’ve delivered the best possible service for your clients. All are recorded in freshOps with complete task list completion history for your clients.

To help you manage your team better, you can view Task Completion, Task Comments and more within the freshOps Management App while also being alerted with our Task Notifications if your cleaner doesn’t complete an important task.

Join one of our Product Specialists for your personalised Demonstration and Q&A Session.


Proof of Cleaning Task Completion

Get the Proof that your Team have completed all their Cleaning Duties

freshOps Advanced Photo Verifications capture Task Completion with Date Stamps, Time Stamps and Who took the Photo, so you can be 100% confident the work has been done.

With security in mind, freshOps Photo Verification are taken live inside the freshOps Team App, so no uploaded photos from last week and no photos of your client’s premises are stored on your cleaner’s devices.

Ensuring Privacy and Security for your Clients.

  • Standard Checklist

    Your cleaners can stay across what’s needed and mark tasks complete with our Simple Task Checklist. Mark tasks complete as they go and freshOps will record the Date Stamps, Time Stamps and who marked the Task Complete, so there is never any doubt.

  • Photo Verified Tasks

    Empower your team to stand by their work by verifying work with live photo verifications of specific or all completed tasks. Without the ability to upload photos. Our absolute Proof of Service Verifications are provided with Time Stamps, Date Stamps and a record of who in your team took the photos. So there is no doubt, that the Kitchen Sink was cleaned by your cleaner.

  • Waypoints

    Use our Task Management and freshOps Tags to verify if cleaners have been in a certain place onsite and have checked any areas regularly. While photos of the toilets can all look the same, placing a freshOps Tag within a location, provide proof that the cleaner was in those specific locations within your Clients premises.


The Most Trusted Scheduling and Cleaning Management Software


Train & Instruct Your Team With How

Scaling a your service delivery is difficult, but a cleaning handbook covered in dust in the cleaning cupboard isn’t the answer.  Communicate with your team HOW to do their work with ease.

freshOps allows you to upload Standard Operating Procedures and link to Training Videos on exactly how to perform their cleaning duties.  Scale how you maintain you clients premises with SOPs and Video a click away from your team in the field.

When your team has a Fridge Clean on their task list, they can simple click to read the SOP or play to watch the training video live on their mobile device in the field, so they know exactly how you want them to perform that task.

Deliver your training to the Cleaners in the Field

“I believe freshOps has provided us with an advantage in gaining contracts where clients are looking to partner with innovative and proactive cleaning companies. “

Checklists inform and instruct your team what’s required each and every clean

Tick lists help your team report when a task is completed through the freshOps app.

Prompt the team to verify task completion by taking a photo of an area or item to provide proof of service

Use freshOps Tags as waypoints to monitor team movements between levels, rooms, offices and different spaces inside a facility.