Make timesheet collection and payroll quick and easy!

freshOps and Xero have come together to deliver the cleaning industry’s most accurate time and attendance records directly into Xero.

Say goodbye to paper timesheets, and time-consuming and inaccurate manual data entry.

Say hello to big savings for your business.

Get started, fast

Integrate freshOps and Xero in minutes with our guided setup.

Sync your existing employee details, set up site tracking and create pay rules, fast.

Make payroll easy

Push freshOps timesheets into Xero in seconds.

Remove the manual data entry from your timesheet processing, and the inaccuracy.

Always get it right

Establish dynamic pay rules to stay compliant with industry pay guidelines.

Achieve timesheet accuracy and representative time-of-day and day-of-week type reporting.

Would you like to learn more?

Book a Personal Demonstration with one of our team and learn exactly how our Xero Integration can streamline your timesheet collection & payroll.

One-Click Export. Saves you time. Saves you money.

Whether you have a team of 20 or a workforce of 200 or more, freshOps and Xero promise to pay dividends from day one. Less payroll errors and less time spent on manual processing and reporting add up to big savings. In some cases, savings of as much at 10% on payroll alone have been achieved.

Plus, freshOps and Xero are easy to use and even easier to set-up and integrate into your business systems.

  • Create freshOps Employees from your Xero Employees

    New to freshOps? Use the Xero employees list to instantly create employees within freshOps.

  • Sync & Update Employee across both Xero and freshOps

    Entered a new employee in Xero or freshOps? Get notified so you can set their preferences.

  • Pair Existing Employees

    Already using both tools? Save time and double-handling when you pair existing employees across Xero and freshOps.

  • Auto-Pairing

    Records don’t quite match? Auto-pairing helps link full legal names in Xero with informal titles your employees may have within freshOps.

Payrules engine

Interpret award conditions with ease and stay payroll compliant

The freshOps payrules engine allows you to build pay rules to help interpret any award conditions, helping you to stay compliant with workplace payroll requirements.

The rules are simple to build, and their reliability is assured.

  • Rules based on Time of Day

    Use time-of-day pay rules to get your payroll right the first time, regardless of the complexity.

  • Rules based on Day of the Week

    Establish day-of-the-week pay rules to pay your staff the right rate for the right day. Too easy.

  • Rules based on Overtime

    Avoid underpaying staff with pay rules that support you to effortlessly manage overtime.

  • Flexible Manual Rules

    Effectively manage public holidays, travel and other requirements.

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