Cleaning Services Award Made Easy

Commercial Cleaning Services Award Pay Rates. Stay Compliant with Award. Pay Rules Engine. Advanced One Click Export to Xero Accounting Software. Simplify Timesheets and Payroll.

No more chasing Timesheets and having to question every item. freshOps dynamic pay rules help you to stay compliant with the Cleaning Award [MA000022] pay guidelines.

Process payroll with ease, stay compliant and send Timesheet straight into Xero with the correct Award Pay Rates.

Stay Compliant.

Cleaning Services Award
Cleaning Services Award


Cleaning Services Award Payrules Done For You

Recording when cleaners are on site and how long they worked has always been a hassle, with chasing paper timesheets, following up for clarification, you know the drill.

With freshOps Time and Attendance Technology and our Cleaning Services Award Pay Rules built straight into our Xero Integration, managing your payroll and staying compliant couldn’t be easier.

Reduce the manual data entry, timesheet collection, clunky payroll and comply with the FairWork Ombudsman Modern Awards

Cleaning Services Award


Streamline Timesheets & Payroll and stay compliant with Cleaning Services Award

Record, Approve and Prepare Timesheets ready for Payroll, then seamlessly send them through our Payrules Engine to stay compliant with the Cleaning Services Award [MA00002] and onto Xero with our deep and one-click Xero Accounting Integration.

Save hours each week by digitising and streamlining your Timesheets and Payroll Reporting and finally Master your Timesheets for good.


Say hello to big savings for your business.

freshOps and Xero have come together to deliver the cleaning industry’s most accurate time and attendance records directly into Xero to help you stay compliant with the Cleaning Services Award.


The most trusted Cleaning Services Award software for Commercial Cleaning Businesses

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