Great Task Management Eliminates Guesswork

Empower your people with specific instructions delivered straight to their pocket. Schedule recurring and periodical tasks with freshOps

Your business is too important to rely on a paper-trail.  Take your paper Cleaning Checklists to the next level with dynamic Task Lists and Task Scheduling.

Schedule recurring, periodical and one-off tasks with freshOps.

Don’t rely on word of mouth, calls or emails – checklist updates are delivered at the right time, every time.

Eliminate client questions about completed tasks.

Advanced task management is flexible to suit your needs – some of our clients use it to manage security and safety processes on-site!

Tasks Update Instantly As Requirements Change

Our Task Management allows you to capture the details of your contractual agreements once, share them with your team, change team members and update schedules in one simple window. This saves your and your Supervisors hours every single week.

It helps your team too, we all know they perform a difficult job. Moving from site to site, remembering very specific task details and hoping they haven’t missed an update somewhere along the way.

Having one shared record that is updated live for the whole team is the answer. We eliminate miscommunications. misundersatandings, old information and skipped messages. Take the tension out of service delivery with freshOps.

Recurring Task Scheduling

freshOps is unlike any other task management app you’ve ever trialled. Big claim, but let us explain.

We understand cleaning work can be long-term, that clients sign contracts that last years, not weeks or months. Of course you can deliver monthly and weekly rotations, but with us you can schedule and update recurring tasks for any contract period up to three years ahead.

freshOps helps time-poor business owners exceed client expectations by helping cleaning staff complete their tasks with confidence – you’ll never wonder when, where and how long again.

And One-Off jobs with New Tasks can be added very quickly for existing or new clients, ensuring you capture the extra work . you can even upload new instructions or training materials!

Our task scheduling system removes the guesswork for you and your team while supporting your desire to scale your business and increasing client satisfaction. Little details can make or break your cleaning business, so why leave them to chance?

How Does Task Scheduling Work?

For Recurring and One-Off Jobs

  • Create a Task

    Account administrators create, edit or update a task template, detailing what the client needs, what they expect and what the cleaner should use to get the job done.

  • Clarify Best Practice

    Manage client expectations by delivering added training materials to your team of cleaners, including current standard operating procedures, example images and YouTube tutorial content.

  • Tick it Off

    Your cleaning team member moves through their checklist, completing each item and including a verified image within the app. All checklist ticks are recorded with a time stamp – you’ll know what they did and how long it took without relying on human memory!

  • They Can’t Forget

    Tasks are only accessible on the day they’re due, minimising the chances of forgetting or skipping little remembered details, like which day the bins should go out!

  • Secure Storage

    All images. videos, verifications and data is stored on the app itself – cleaning staff won’t be able to edit time marks, access verification images or erase incomplete tasks.

  • Task Groups

    Allocate tasks to specific groups according to their location, task type and classification.

Task Templates Will Change Your Business

Your business is powered by people. Take a load off their brain and let them get on with the sometimes exhausting work of being a cleaner without having to remember the ins and outs of every site. By uploading clear instructions and standard operating procedures per task, you’ll give them the tools they need to succeed, cementing your place as a reputable service provider. It’s not hard to keep it simple and smart with freshOps.


Australian cleaning businesses trust freshOps in under 30 days. Your first month is on us!