Technical Specs

  • Dynamically Scalable

    Our hosting infrastructure is world class so your service can be world class. We provide best in class uptime and a server environment that scales within seconds of excessive demand. We know you need to be absolutely sure our services will be available at all times that yours are.

  • Mirrored redundancy

    All services are hosted in two tier one, redundant, live fail over data centres in Australia with 24/7 support and response.

  • Privacy adherence

    We keep all data within Australia to comply with the amendments to the Privacy Act of May 2015. This takes care of the reporting headache to clients when data might leave our shores. An important point to check with any Software as a Service platforms.

  • Knowledge base

    You won’t be thrown in the deep end with freshOps. We provide you access to an extensive online guide for business owners as well training guides and support for staff in the field.

  • Absolute security

    We have adopted best practice security at all levels of our own managed services and demand the same of all integrated service providers.

  • Infield Support

    Our support is only ever seconds away to help your team in the field. We use the latest available in-app and browser based support tools to provide high-touch support to your team at all times.