Team Improvement
Begins with You

freshOps empowers remote and local teams to deliver the highest standard of service every shift. Communicate what your clients need, want and expect with confidence and clarity.

freshOps delivers attendance and performance data you can rely on, communicating valuable stats with 100% accuracy. Get an edge over your competitors who have no idea how long their cleaners take to move from one task to the next, whether or not if the cleaner is on-site or if they even arrived at all. Nothing is left to chance with our field-ready app.

freshOps will:

  • Connect Cleaners with their shift information instantly

  • Track time on-site, Attendance and task completion

  • Simplify check-in times during regularly scheduled and one-off jobs

  • Communicate shifts, manage tasks and train new staff without missing a beat

Manage Off-Site Communication

Deliver Roster and Shift Details to their Device

Minimise no-shows, miscommunications and second-guesses with freshOps. Your team will be able to access their upcoming shifts without calling into the office, preventing administrative strain and encouraging your people to take responsibility for their own schedules.

Empower your cleaning crew with easy-to-use features:

  • View the duration, location and date of each shift, arriving on-site ready to work without navigation delays.
  • Never get lost again, finding their next work-site with the help of a smart but simple Google Maps integration.

Track Shift Behaviour

Has Your Team Arrived On-Site? Check with Verified GPS

Put a pin in unplanned adventures, address mix-ups and navigation delays by tracing the whereabouts of your cleaning crew and comparing their location against the expected GPS coordinates prior to shift check-in.

Report Attendance & Workflow in Detail

freshOps tags harness the potential of Near Field Communication technology, triggering a record every time your team members tap or scan into a designated location, including moving between floors of larger buildings or room-to-room in hotels, motels or niche resorts. Ideal for time sensitive job, mass cleaning environments and any size office building, our integrated tracking system utilises a combination of GPS and NFC to deliver a tangible picture of efficiency to concerned clients and results-driven business owners.

Code tags against specific tasks

Track the time it takes for cleaning staff to move from room to room

Monitor what time they arrived, what time they left and what they did.

Prove to your clients you have nothing to hide.

Establish confidence and tangibility early in the relationship

freshOps tagging is not always appropriate. Not to worry, our simple site GPS check-in make those one-off or site sensitive contracts easy to manage without sacrificing transparency.

Ensure They’re Doing the Right Thing, in the Right Way, Everytime

freshOps task management ensures no task is forgotten. Our system arms your team with an easy-to-follow digital checklist, elevating their ability to deliver on their assigned tasks on the date each check-point is due.

We know not every task has the same frequency, so your team will only complete their allocated jobs, according to the day and location of their attendance.  Cleaners have a lot to remember when moving through a room, so providing a clear indication of what’s expected before and during their shift will only help your business grow and their skill to develop.

Don’t Take Their Word for it with Advanced Task Verification

Your team will be able to supply absolute proof with instant, in-app verification photography, delivering time-stamped images to the employer and client portal instantly. Securely snapped with the freshOps mobile app, photos of your clients premises are captured and uploaded to freshOps without being stored on their device. Tamper-proof, instant evidence.

Train Your Staff to be More Effective

Implement Standard Operating Procedures Remotely

Develop and attach comprehensive operating procedures to each task, noting client preferences per job, security protocols and concerns for the cleaner to consider while on shift.

Supply Video Training in Place of Text

Support your SOPs with YouTube tutorials, created to communicate precisely how you’d like your people to perform any task, or even provide additional context to your team. Not everybody learns by reading an operational manual!

Encouraging Task Communication

Task comments ensure your team can quickly explain why a task wasn’t completed, report any issues or note any changes that need to be made for next time around.

Give Your Team The Tools They Need To Succeed with FreshOps

Your people need more than paper checklists and worn ticksheets. It’s unfair to think they can and will remember everything they need to know, especially if they service multiple sites and locations across the week.

Become a better employer and give your team the tools they need to exceed client expectations. You will only succeed together.

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