Industry Leading Time and Attendance

Manage your team better with super accurate attendance records….

freshOps Tags use the latest Time & Attendance technology to provide an attendance record within 10mm of where the cleaner should be Checking In & Out.

Say goodbye to paper self-reported timesheets with no proof of attendance. Say hello to the Commercial Cleaning Industries most accurate Time & Attendance Records.

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Attendance You Can Rely On

When was the last time you knew for sure your team were onsite? Stop guessing. The power to scale and control your business is back where it belongs – in your hands.

Installing a freshOps Tag at your Clients premises ensure the only place in the world the cleaner can be when Checking In, is within 10mm of the Alarm Panel or Cleaner Room. Wherever you placed the freshOps Tag.

  • Super Accurate
  • Can’t be Replicate or Gamed
  • Ensures your cleaners are recording their Attendance at Site


Record everything that occurs in the Field

Your team can report any issues they experienced onsite while cleaning and even comment on specific tasks. All aimed at keeping you in the loop, ahead of the game and ensure you can proactively manage your workforce of cleaners and service delivery by knowing about issues onsite before your client does.

Give your clients the confidence that you know what is happening with every part of your service delivery with our workforce management software down to the smallest detail, no matter how distributed your workforce or clients are.


Cloud Based Cleaning Business Software

Manage your workforce from anywhere or any device with an internet connection. Completely mobile responsive, freshOps helps you manage your team from the field, the office or on vacation. Giving you peace of mind that you a click away at any time to knowing exactly what is happening with your workforce.

Customer calls because their Alarm system is going off! No drama. Instantly see if your team are onsite now. Customer calls and asks when the front glass is due to be cleaned! No bother. Instantly see when that task is scheduled next.


The most trusted scheduling and performance management software for cleaning businesses