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Importance Of Rostering Software For Cleaners

freshOps delivers the best in Operations Management software, especially for mobile workforces. We can help you work with any existing Rostering Software, but many of you might not know that we are the Rostering Software for many of our clients. We help you work who to put on when based on their skills, availability and […]

Software For Better Cleaning Workforce Management

Digital Record Keeping essential to scale your team Half a decade ago workforce information and details like client profiles, work schedule, job descriptions and other important data for business use were archived through hard copies and a lot of paperwork. This process meant that tracking, searching and storing every detail of your workforce took time […]


You Don’t Always Need More Contract Cleaning Customers

There is a myth when it comes to growth that More Clients & Bigger Contracts will solve all you headaches in a growing business. However, if you don’t have all your systems setup, more clients and contracts will just make you busier, and often lead to smaller profit margins, because of all the manual management that […]

How To Manage Retail & Hospitality Cleaning Staff

3 MIN READ Hospitality and Retail have two things in common. A huge variety in the range of premises you need to deal with, and a workforce that can be constantly changing. This provides both opportunities and challenges when providing cleaning services to this industry. So it’s essential that you get off your spreadsheets and […]

Shutting Down Over Christmas And New Year?

I received an email from a Supplier the other day advising of their Shutdown periods over Christmas. On the one hand I was very impressed that they were so organised and on the other it freaked me out as 2018 will soon be a distant memory. While we’ve been busy planning our 2019 at freshOps, […]

Qualify Your Leads To Win More Cleaning Contracts

Qualifying Your Leads Is Critical To Operating A Business Filed With Customers That Rave About Your Service. How So, You Ask? A qualified lead is a prospect who has expressed interest in buying your product and passes a set of lead qualifications in order to progress further down the funnel. This lead definition is determined […]

How To Get More Testimonials To Win Cleaning Contracts

When you’re looking into buying or choosing something, be it a product, an experience or an investment, you want to know you’re making the right choice. Unfortunately, there is only so much direct marketing can achieve. Testimonials are often a crucial step in the decision making process; they have the power to make or break […]

How To Use Proposal Software To Win Cleaning Contracts

Your Cleaning Proposal is without a doubt one of the most important features of your business when you are trying to win new business which is why it’s important to investigate using Proposal Software to Win Cleaning Contracts. Too often Quotes and Proposals are knocked together with a simple focus on Price. The downfall with […]

Where To Advertise For Cleaning Staff

Advertising for new staff members, for any role can be tricky. The hiring process for cleaning staff however, can be especially difficult because unlike hiring someone for an accounting job who simply need to have an accounting/finance degree and or previous experience, cleaning staff require a different range of qualifications. How To Know Where To […]

How To Qualify Cleaning Staff Applicants

The thought of hiring again for most business owners is a nightmare. They hate the process, they get frustrated by all the time wasters and therefor put little effort into a recruitment process. Hiring Cleaning staff is far easier if you pre-qualify the applicants. This qualification process is primarily aimed at cutting down the list […]